What is Kleverness and Why is it Different?

What is Kleverness?

Kleverness is the smart lighting solution that gives everyone the ability to automate their homes with a great product line and user interface. It combines full automation, energy savings, and simple installation and usability at an affordable price point. Unlike older competitive products, Kleverness Products work in any home no matter when it was built or what kind of wiring it has. Kleverness includes a free smartphone App that provides DIY installation instructions, and it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

What makes Kleverness products different?

Kleverness products are different and better than other smart lighting products because:

  • They are easier to install: Interactive instructions in the Kleverness App guide you every step of the way with illustrations and videos.
  • They are easier to use: Both the products and the App were designed to optimize the entire smart lighting experience. We do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy your home and improve your lifestyle!
  • It costs you less to control your lights: One Klever Switch can control up to three light circuits and can act as a remote for every other Klever device around the home. It also allows users to optimize their usage and increase their savings!
  • Klever Products work in any house or apartment, no matter when it was built or how it was wired. No neutral wire is required. This is the number one failure of other smart lighting and home automation products: they require a special wiring or neutral wires in the switch boxes. Since most homes weren’t built with automation in mind, people end up having to break walls to rewire and pay professionals to do so; or worse, return the products altogether.
  • Klever Products have the longest range in the industry.

What is the maximum range of Kleverness Products?

Kleverness Products are unique because they use a proprietary communication protocol that can reach even the furthest corners of your home; unlike most “smart” products that need to be installed within reach of a WiFi router, a repeater or a gateway.

How does Kleverness save me money?

Kleverness achieves savings from the moment you buy the devices, to many years later by using AI to continuously optimize your energy usage.

  • One Kleverness switch can take the place of three wired wall switches.
  • Kleverness products monitor energy consumption and help you cut your usage.
  • You can turn off all the lights in your home with one switch or with the App.
  • You can program your lights to turn off automatically when you’re not home.
  • You do not need to tear holes in your walls and patch them back up, or an electrician to help you install them.

Will Kleverness products work in my home / apartment / cottage / dorm / co-housing?

Kleverness products will work in any space that has electric lights!

How long is the warranty on Kleverness Products?

All Kleverness products are backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Power and Internet Connections

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Kleverness products?

No! Kleverness products only need an internet connection to be controlled from outside the home. However, if the internet connection fails, you will still be able to control the lights from your smartphone when you’re inside the house. Here’s what happens if things get crazy:

  • If the power goes out, nothing works, but Kleverness products remember how they were programmed so they work correctly when the power comes back on.
  • Once the power returns, your Klever Switches, Dimmers and Outlets will all work properly, and can be controlled manually, or with the Kleverness App.
  • Once your internet access returns, you can use the Kleverness App from outside your home to control your lights or the lights at another home where you are an authorized user. Amazon Alexa and Google Home will also start working again.

What if my internet connection fails?

As long as you have electric power, your Kleverness products will keep working within your home. However, you will not be able to control your Kleverness products remotely or use Amazon Alexa or Google Home integrations until internet access is restored.

What if my power goes out for an hour? Will Kleverness work when the power returns?

Yes! Klever devices will remember their last setting and work seamlessly when the power comes back.

Our power fails frequently, so we have a generator with a transfer switch. Does this impact Klever products?

If you have a manual transfer switch that supplies power to just a few circuits when the mains power is down, make sure to plug your WiFi router and Klever Hub into one of those generator-powered circuits. If your generator powers the entire house, then Kleverness products do not need any special treatment.

Getting Started with Kleverness

I received a Kleverness Product as a gift! How do I get started?

Every Kleverness product includes a Getting Started guide in the package. You can also download the Kleverness App from the App Store or Google Play, and follow the Installation Guide in the App.

Our new place has Kleverness switches and dimmers installed. How do I make them work with my smartphone?

Your Kleverness products are managed by a Klever Hub, which is installed near the WiFi router. All you need to do is register the Hub with your smartphone. Download the Kleverness App from the the App Store or Google Play, and follow the Getting Started Guide in the App.

How do I get technical support for my Kleverness products?

Click here to go to the Kleverness Support portal .

I’m not an electrician! Are Kleverness products easy to install?

We’ve worked hard to make them as easy to install as possible. Just remember, the first step is to turn off the circuit breaker that controls the lights you’ll be working on. Then follow the instructions in the Kleverness App.

All About Bulbs

Do I need expensive smart bulbs?

No! Klever Switches work with any bulb, and Klever Dimmers work with any dimmable bulb.

Can I use Kleverness with smart bulbs or light strips like Philips Hue, Sengled, Yeelight, Sylvania Smart, LIFX, Cree, TP-Link Casa, etc.?

You are able to turn these on or off with Klever devices. However, we recommend using Kleverness with non-smart bulbs for best performance.

Controlling Multiple Lights or Outlets

How can I put a second switch on my stairway light so we can turn it on or off from upstairs? My electrician says I have to make holes in the walls to install a traveler wire between two three-way switches. Can Kleverness save my walls and save me money?

Yes! Any Klever Switch can be programmed to control other Klever devices installed elsewhere in your home without needing to wire between them. Just make sure that every Klever device is connected to at least 1 lighting load.

Can I have more than two switches control one light?

Yes! You can assign as many switches as you want to any light. Also, each Klever Switch can control up to three separate wired lighting loads.

We have lights outside every door, plus two more on the carport. Can I turn them all on at once?

Yes! Just install a Klever Switch in place of each light switch. Then you can assign one of the buttons on each Klever Switch to turn on all the outside lights at the same time. You can also turn them all on and off from the smartphone app.

I forgot to turn off my lights or appliances before I left home. Can Keverness help?

Yes, in two different ways. You can use the Kleverness App to turn any or all lights and outlets off remotely. Or you can use our Geofencing feature to turn everything off by itself when you take your Smartphone more than a certain distance from home. That’s Klever!

Controlling your entire home with Kleverness

Does the Klever Hub have enough range to cover my house?

Kleverness uses a proprietary wireless protocol with very long range meant to exceed the requirements of any single-family home.

I can’t get WiFi in the garage. Will Kleverness work there?

Yes. Kleverness devices have at least twice the range of WiFi and other protocols used by many home automation products.

What is the maximum range between Kleverness Devices?

1. 40 meters/120 feet

I have Kleverness installed in two homes in different cities. Can I control them both from my Kleverness App?

Yes! When you install a Klever Hub, the Kleverness App will create a new household. Just switch between households to control lights in either house.

How-To: Schedules and Vacation Mode

How do I use the lights as an alarm clock?

In the Kleverness App, select Routines. Choose a wake-up Routine, choose the lights you want to wake you up, and on what days and times. While you’re at it, choose another Routine to turn the lights off after everybody leaves home each day!

How do I set a vacation timer to make my house look occupied when I’m gone?

Just turn on Vacation Mode in the app. Kleverness will use AI to mimic your behavior when you’re not home, and turn your lights on in a similar pattern. That’s Klever!

What happens if somebody uses my home when I’m away?

If someone uses a light switch set to Vacation Mode, the Kleverness App will alert you and your emergy contact that someone is in your home. It will also set off a visual alarm with the lights in your home.

Klever Dimmer

What does a Klever Dimmer do?

A Klever Dimmer replaces any light switch or dimmer to control the light intensity of one wired light circuit. Klever Dimmers also measure the power being consumed by the lights on their circuit.

Can I control Klever Dimmers remotely?

Yes, through the Kleverness App, and also through Amazon Alexa and GoogleHome.

Can I control 2 or more Klever Dimmers at once?

Yes! You can create Scenes in the Klever App to control as many Klever Dimmers and other devices as you want.

Do Klever Dimmers require a neutral wire?


What kind of bulbs are compatible with the Klever Dimmer?

All dimmable bulbs, including incandescent, LED and ELV.

Klever Switch

What does a Klever Switch do?

A Klever Switch replaces any light switch to control the lights on up to three wired light circuits. This means that one Klever Switch can replace up to three dumb switches! Klever Switches also measure the power being consumed by your lights, and act as 3-way and 4-way switches, or remote controls to other Klever devices in your home.

Can I control Klever Switches remotely?

Yes, through the Kleverness App, and also through Amazon Alexa and GoogleHome.

Do Klever Switches require a neutral wire?


What kind of bulbs work with a Klever Switch?

Any kind of bulb, including incandescent, LED and CFL.

What can the Klever Switch Control?

The Klever Switch can control:

  • The light circuit it is wired to (ceiling or wall lights, outdoor lights, wired outlet)
  • Lights plugged into a Klever Outlet
  • Lights controlled by any other Klever Switch or Dimmer in your home.

Can more than one switch control one light circuit?

Yes! You can assign as many switches as you want to any light circuit. Each Klever Switch can control up to three wired independent light, and unlimited lights or outlets that are physically connected to another Klever device.

Should I install a Klever Switch or a Klever Dimmer?

Every room is different. A Klever Switch will give you the unique ability to control 3 lights from a single gang switch, and remotely control other Klever Devices. However, the Klever Dimmer will allow you to set the mood by making the lighting intensity perfect for every occasion.

Klever Outlet

What does a Klever Outlet do?

A Klever Outlet allows you to remotely turn on and off the lights or appliances plugged into it. You can control a Klever Outlet from one of the buttons on a Klever Switch or from your Smartphone. A Klever Outlet also measures the power being consumed by whatever is plugged into it.

What can I plug into a Klever Outlet?

Any type of lamp, light fixture or appliance that draws under 1500 watts.

How can I control a Klever Outlet remotely?

You can control the Klever Outlet through the Kleverness App, and also through Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Can I control more than one Klever Outlet at once?

Yes! Using the Klever App, create Scenes or Zones that include as many Klever Devices as you want. You can trigger Scenes from the App, or assign it to oneor more Klever Switches.

Klever Hub

What does a Klever Hub do?

A Klever Hub is the brain of the whole Klever system. It communicates between your Kleverness devices (switches, dimmers, outlets) and your smartphone. It also enables you to control your Kleverness devices with other automation products like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Can Klever Switches control lights without a Klever Hub?

After installation, all of your Klever Switches and Dimmers can control your lights without a functioning Klever Hub. However, you will only be able to take advantage of the smart features like smartphone and voice control if you have a Klever Hub installed. We recommend our customers to have 1 Klever Hub per household.

How many Klever Switches, dimmers and outlets can one Klevernes Hub support?

A single Klever Hub can control over 200 Klever devices. We have you covered, no matter how big your dreams!

Can one smartphone control multiple Klever Hubs?

Yes. You can authorize any smartphone to control the Klever Hubs you own, and deauthorize them as well.

Does the Klever Hub come in White and Black colors?

The Klever Hub is available only in Black.

What is the range of the Kleverness Hub?

The Kleverness Hub has a range of at least 40 meters straight line between walls.

Kleverness Energy Monitoring

How can Kleverness help me save energy?

Kleverness saves energy in various ways:

  • You can turn lights off easily from across the house or around the world.
  • You can program lights to turn off at specific times, so that you don’t have turn them off manually.
  • You can program your Kleverness system to turn off your lights and electronics when you walk out of your home. This makes sure nothing gets left on, and also mitigates standby power consumption.
  • You can use the sunlight schedule to make sure your lights are dim when there is natural light during the day.
  • Kleverness proprietary bulb detection technology will determine if you’re using inefficient bulbs and recommend more efficient technologies for your home and quantify your returns in energy savings.

How can Kleverness help me save energy at my Airbnb unit(s)?

You can turn the lights off remotely from your cell phone, or program them to turn off automatically at check-out time. You can also monitor energy usage on each connected device, to understand and manage how tenants use power.

Kleverness Smartphone App

What does the Kleverness Smartphone App do?

Kleverness Smartphone App allows you to control Kleverness devices wherever you are, at home or around the world. From the Kleverness Smartphone App, you can:

  • Control Klever Switches, Dimmers and Outlets
  • Enable multiple Klever Switches to control one light or outlet
  • Enable one Klever Switch to control multiple lights or outlets
  • Authorize or deauthorize other smartphone users to control your lights
  • Design creative lighting scenes
  • Set up your smart assistant to control your lights and outlets
  • Set routines and geofencing
  • Monitor and reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint

Is the Kleverness app available for Android?


Is the Kleverness app available for iOS?


How many users can connect their Kleverness Smartphone App to my KleverHub?

You can give permissions to control a Kleverness Hub to as many people as you like. You can also disable users any time. Perfect for short-term guests or Airbnb rentals!

What to Buy

What is the minimum Kleverness configuration?

Every Kleverness installation requires one Hub. The best way to get started is to buy a Starter Bundle or a Room Bundles . These include everything you need including a hub and a variety of Klever Switches, Dimmers and Outlets.

I just want to be able to turn my porch light on and off from my phone.

Buy a Starter bundle . You’ll get a Klever Hub and a Klever Switch or Dimmer to control your porch lights wherever you are from your phone. You will also be able to control your porch light using Amazon Alexa and Google Home!

What should I buy to control all the lights in my living room?

The easiest way to get started is to purchase a Living room Bundle with enough switches and dimmers to replace all the old switches in the room. You’ll be able to replace all the wall switches, and also control extra plug-in lights using the included Klever Outlets. For more information, click here to go to the Kleverness Support portal and send us an email with details about what you are trying to do.

All my living room lights are controlled by Kleverness. Now I want to do my bedroom. Do I need another Hub or Starter Kit?

Only one hub is required per home, so you don’t need another starter kit. Just order individual Kleverness Dimmers, Switches and Outlets, or save money with a Add-On Bundle.

Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Hotel Rooms & Other Rental Units

How can Kleverness help with my Airbnb unit?

Install Kleverness at your Airbnb unit and you can do all of this:

  • Turn off all the lights at checkout time.
  • Authorize guests to control the lights with their cell phones, until they check out.
  • Turn lights off when the unit is empty, then welcome new guests with all lightson.
  • Automatically record and play back light patterns to make the unit look occupied.
  • Monitor and reduce guests’ energy consumption

Customers leave all the lights on in my Airbnb rental unit. My electric bill is sky high! Can you help?

Yes! You can turn the lights off remotely from your cell phone, or program them to turn off automatically at check-out time, or if the guests are not in the unit.

What if I have more than one Airbnb unit?

You can control all your Airbnb units from one smartphone, even if they are in many different locations.

Seniors & Caregivers

I am elderly and live alone. Can Kleverness help me?

Elderly customers often use the following Kleverness features:

  • Turn all of the house lights Off with one switch
  • Turn all of the house lights, or all the lights in the bed and bath, on with one switch
  • Turn off all the lights except the current room with one switch

I care for my elderly people in their own homes. What can Kleverness do for them?

Caregivers get many benefits from Kleverness:

  • You can remotely check to see if the lights are on or off at a clients house or in just one room.
  • You can monitor when a client turns their lights on and off, to understand their sleep patterns.
  • You can turn on the lights at each home when you arrive.


How do I prevent strangers from downloading the Kleverness Smartphone App and controlling our lights?

Every Kleverness Hub has a unique code and serial number. Once you install that hub, you can control who uses your Kleverness products.

How can I tell if someone is using my home when I am away?

Using Vacation mode, the Kleverness App can alert you if anyone uses your lights when you are away. It can also turn learn your habits and turn lights on and off with an irregular pattern that looks like someone is home.

Integrations: Amazon Alexa and Google Home

How do I get Amazon Alexa to control a Kleverness product?

Set up your Amazon Alexa account on the Amazon Alexa App. Then go to skills and search for Kleverness on the search bar. Log in with your Kleverness account details and select the devices you want to control with Alexa once they’ve been discovered.

How do I get Google Home to control a Kleverness product?

Set up your Google account on the Google Home App. Then go to add devices and search for Kleverness on the search bar. Log in with your Kleverness account details and select the devices you want to control with Alexa once they’ve been discovered.