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Klever Dimmer – The perfect companion for every special moment.


Black, White


Input Voltage 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Min. and Max. LED Power: 10 – 100W
Min. and Max. Incandescent Power: 10 – 300W
Max. Capacity: 300W
Bulb Technology: LED and Incandescent
Radio frequency: 915Mhz


What does a Klever Dimmer do?

A Klever Dimmer replaces any light switch or dimmer to control the light intensity of one wired light circuit. Klever Dimmers also measure the power being consumed by the lights on their circuit.

Can I control Klever Dimmers remotely?

Yes, through the Kleverness App, and also through Amazon Alexa and GoogleHome.

Can I control 2 or more Klever Dimmers at once?

Yes! You can create Scenes in the Klever App to control as many Klever Dimmers and other devices as you want.

Do Klever Dimmers require a neutral wire?


What kind of bulbs are compatible with the Klever Dimmer?

All dimmable bulbs, including incandescent, LED and ELV.