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Klever Outlet – The only smart outlet controller you’ll ever need.


Black, White


Input Voltage: 120V-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Output 120V, 15A Resistive
120V, 10A Tungsten
120V, 1Hp
Load Max: 1600W
Radio frequency: 915Mhz


What does a Klever Outlet do?

A Klever Outlet allows you to remotely turn on and off the lights or appliances plugged into it. You can control a Klever Outlet from one of the buttons on a Klever Switch or from your Smartphone. A Klever Outlet also measures the power being consumed by whatever is plugged into it.

What can I plug into a Klever Outlet?

Any type of lamp, light fixture or appliance that draws under 1500 watts.

How can I control a Klever Outlet remotely?

You can control the Klever Outlet through the Kleverness App, and also through Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Can I control more than one Klever Outlet at once?

Yes! Using the Klever App, create Scenes or Zones that include as many Klever Devices as you want. You can trigger Scenes from the App, or assign it to one or more Klever Switches.