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Klever Switch – The only smart lighting controller you’ll ever need.


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Input Voltage 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Load Min. and Max LED Power: 10 – 100W
Load Min. and Max Incandescent Power: 10 – 300W
Max Capacity: 300W per load
Bulb Technology: Any bulb
Radio frequency: 915Mhz


What does a Klever Switch do?

A Klever Switch replaces any light switch to control the lights on up to three wired light circuits. This means that one Klever Switch can replace up to three dumb switches! Klever Switches also measure the power being consumed by your lights and act as 3-way and 4-way switches, or remote controls to other Klever devices in your home.

Can I control Klever Switches remotely?

Yes, through the Kleverness App, and also through Amazon Alexa and GoogleHome.

Do Klever Switches require a neutral wire?


What kind of bulbs works with a Klever Switch?

Any kind of bulb, including incandescent, LED and CFL.

What can the Klever Switch Control?

The Klever Switch can control:

* The light circuit it is wired to (ceiling or wall lights, outdoor lights, wired outlet)

* Lights plugged into a Klever Outlet

* Lights controlled by any other Klever Switch or Dimmer in your home.

Can more than one switch control one light circuit?

Yes! You can assign as many switches as you want to any light circuit. Each Klever Switch can control up to three wired independent light, and unlimited lights or outlets that are physically connected to another Klever device.

Should I install a Klever Switch or a Klever Dimmer?

Every room is different. A Klever Switch will give you the unique ability to control 3 lights from a single gang switch, and remotely control other Klever Devices. However, the Klever Dimmer will allow you to set the mood by making the lighting intensity perfect for every occasion.