Sofihub Secure

Keep Yourself Safe with
our 4G GPS Tracking Device

SOFIHUB Secure is an easy to use personal alert device that issues an emergency SOS with the touch of a button, in the event that you need help.

Live GPS Location
Fall Detection
Two-way Voice Calls
Location History
sofi secure location

Fall Detection

SOFIHUB Secure is the must have device for adventure enthusiasts or at risk loved one. Equipped with a built in accelerometer which can instantly detect when someone has had a fall. With an adjustable sensitivities to suit all users the device will send an alert SMS within seconds of detecting a fall and will follow up with a voice call.

sofi secure fall detection
sofi secure fall detection

Emergency Messaging System

While we all do our best to avoid dangerous situations, there’s always a chance that you or your loved one could find a worrying situation. SOFIHUB Secure is here to help. If a uncomfortable moment presents itself simply press the SOS button on the SOFIHUB Secure to call up to three emergency contacts.

sofi secure help sms
sofi secure night

Location History

When it comes to personal tracking devices in Australasia, the SOFIHUB Secure is arguably one of the best. It’s simple, easy to use, lightweight and durable and has a portal map that can mark a users location history at anytime. With 4G GPS technology it’s one of the most reliable tracking devices for kids and gives parents/carers complete peace of mind.

sofi secure location

Geo Fencing

Manage and customise safe zones that are best for you, with Geo fences that are easy to establish and monitor. Save specific routes like your hiking route or the path your children usually take when walking to and from school. As soon as a person leaves a designated safety zone, you’ll be the first to know through a notification sent directly to your mobile app and online portal, allowing you to see where the person is in real time.

sofi secure location history
sofi secure location history

Two Way Voice Calls

The SOFIHUB Secure GPS tracker is unique, it comes equipped with a two-way system for audio communication. This means that you can speak through a tracking device in the same way that you would a mobile phone.

sofi secure communicate
Two way voice
GPS capability
Nationwide coverage (3G/4G)
SOS feature
Three emergency contacts
Vibration alerts
Fall detector
Peace of mind
Affordable u0026amp; simple to use